Notes to Participants

Thank you for accepting our invitation to attend the June 2017 Biannual Research Workshop to be held at the Sandton Sun Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa

Registration and ticket reconfirmation

Ticket reconfirmation, per diem payment and registration on Sunday and Monday will take place in the secretariat rooms at Boardroom 3. Registration and name tag distribution will be done on 03 June 2017. The Secretariat will commence operations on Saturday, 03 June 2017 at 1430hrs. Subsequently, it will open daily from 0800-1800hrs to provide services only at coffee break, lunch time and before or after meetings.

Name Tags

Upon arrival, please register with the Secretariat staff as you check into the hotel if you have not registered online already. Formal registration should be completed no later than 1200 hrs, Monday, 05 June 2017. For identification and security reasons, Name Tags should be worn by all participants at all times during the meetings and at official and social functions. Access will be denied to participants not wearing their name tags. In order to update our database and ensure efficient communication, please ensure that your contact information on the draft participant list is accurate

Airport Transfers

The Secretariat will arrange for ground transport from the airport to the hotel upon arrival and from the hotel to the airport at the time of your departure. Participants are requested to pick their reconfirmed tickets from the Secretariat two days before their departure

Notes to Presenters

Soft copies of reports to be presented have already been distributed to participants by email. Meeting rooms are equipped with LCD projectors. All presenters are required to have their PowerPoint presentations ready to load at 0800hrs on the day of presentation. The presentation guide is as follows:

  • Plenary presenters: 35 minutes per session
  • Plenary discussants: 10 minutes
  • Floor discussions: 40 minutes
  • Response to issues raised: 5 minutes
  • Concurrent session presenters: 25 minutes
  • Discussants: 5 minutes
  • Floor discussion and response to issues raised: 30 minutes

The Weather

The weather in Johannesburg is likely to be cold at the time of the Biannual Workshop. Please update yourselves on the weather situation and carry appropriate clothing. Updated information on the weather in Nairobi is also available at:

Accommodation and meals

Participants will be accommodated at the Sandton Sun Hotel and Garden Court Hotel at AERC’s special conference rates.  On arrival at the airport, participants will be directed to their respective facility for accommodation. For those financed by AERC, the Consortium will pay for the cost of your accommodation, breakfast and lunch ONLY.  You are responsible for all other expenses, toward which you will be given a per diem allowance by the Secretariat.  Breakfast will be served at main restaurant for those who will be staying at Sandton Sun Hotel and Garden Court Hotel for those who will be staying at the Garden Court Hotel. Lunch and coffee break snacks for the entire workshop period will be served at Sandton Convention Centre.

Meetings and Meeting Rooms

The sessions are arranged as follows:

Main Meetings Sunday, 04 June 2017 0900 – 1815 hrs. Plenary Session on “Africa’s Energy Renewal” at Bill Gallagher Room Monday, 05 June 2017 0815 – 08:30hrs Opening Remarks in individual groups by Group Chairs

  • Concurrent Sessions Monday 05 June 2017 – June 07, 2017 08.30hrs. – 16.15 hrs.
  • Group A (Poverty, labour markets, and Income Distribution) – Ballroom 2
  • Group B (Macroeconomic Policy and Growth) – Ballroom 3
  • Group C (Finance and Resource Mobilization) – Ballroom 4
  • Group D (Production, Trade and Economic Integration) – Committee room 2
  • Group E (Agriculture, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management) – Committee room 5
  • Small Meetings The following small meetings, which are for invited participants only, will be held at the indicated venue.

Research Sub-Committee I, Tue, 06 June 2017, 1900hrs. – Business Suite 7

IMF Meeting, Wed, 07 June 2017, 1305hrs. Business Suite 7

Training Sub-Committee Wed, June 07 2017, 1900 – 2100hrs. – Business Suite 7

PC Sub-Committee II and Thur 08 June 2017, 1300– 1430 hrs. – Business Suite 7

Research Sub-Committee III, Thur, 08 June 2016 1445 – 1530 hrs. – Business Suite 7

SPECIAL SESSIONS Monday, 05 June 2017 (1615 – 1815 hrs) Global and Regional Value Chains in Southern and Eastern Africa: How to best harness the potential for regional cooperation – (Talitha Bertelsmann-Scott, Asmita Parshotam, Chelsea Markowitz of SAIIA and Reena das Nair, CCRED – Ballroom 2 –

Tuesday, 06 June 2017 (1615 – 1815hrs) GIZ Presentation- Ballroom 2

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 (1615 -1815hrs)

Methodological Session
Technical Sessions Thursday, 08 June 2017, (0830hrs – 1250hrs.)

Technical meetings (closed meetings) between researchers and technical committees will be held in the following rooms:

  • Group A (Poverty, Labour Markets and Income Distribution) – Ballroom 2
  • Group B (Macroeconomic Policies and Growth) – Ballroom 3
  • Group C (Finance and Resource mobilization) – Ballroom 4
  • Group D (Production, Trade and Economic Integration) – Committee room 2
  • Group E (Agriculture, climate change and Natural Resource – Committee room 5


Codes for Papers to be Presented:

NP = New Proposal RP = Revised Proposal WIP = Work in Progress FR = Final Report

Programme Committee Meeting

The meeting of the AERC Programme Committee will be held on 09 June 2017 at the Business suite beginning at 0900hrs. Documents will be distributed directly to invitees at the workshop by the Secretariat.

Social events

Sunday, 04 June 2017, 1930 – 2200hrs, Opening Dinner at the Ballroom 2 and 3 (Cash bar)


Although the Sandton Sun Hotel and Garden Court Hotel have a security system in place, guests are cautioned to take care of personal belongings and to avoid leaving valuable items in the meeting rooms, as the hotel is open to other members of the public and cannot guarantee safety in all these areas.

Emergency telephone numbers

In the event that one requires  emergency medical attention, please contact the hotel Duty Manager or anyone in the AERC Secretariat who will be able to assist you acces medical services.

Garden Court Sandton City +27 11 269 7000 Sadton Sun Hotel +27 011 780 5000 Nancy Muriuki of AERC on +254728787501
NOTE: Kindly note that these numbers should only be used in case of emergency.