AERC Biannual Research Workshop
2-5 December 2018

African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) is pleased to announce the next Biannual Research Workshop to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 2-6 December 2018. The Biannual is unique – combining learning-by-doing research, peer review, mentoring and networking to build and strengthen the capacity of African researchers. The workshop brings together many economists from around the African continent and globally fulfilling one of our major mandates – to strengthen local capacity for conducting independent, rigorous inquiry into problems facing the management of economies in sub-Saharan Africa.

 AERC organizes two biannual research workshops annually in June and December.

The 49th Plenary Session

The first day of the workshop, Sunday 2 December 2018, will feature a Keynote Address by a distinguished scholar, followed by a public/private sector roundtable. This is a departure from the tradition of having a plenary session (presentation of commissioned papers) on the first day of every Biannual research workshop, and is informed by our desire to continue to innovate around how we deliver evidence to policy makers. Going forward, AERC will be alternating the Keynote Address and the Plenary Session at the Biannual research workshops.

As usual, the three days of five concurrent sessions will run from 3-5 December 2018, with 6 December 2018 dedicated to technical sessions, where individual researchers interact with resource persons to discuss their presentation and to receive feedback on improving the quality of their research.  

The Concurrent Sessions

The five concurrent sessions of the Biannual start on Monday, 3 December, 2018 and will feature nearly 90 presentations of research proposals, work in progress documents, final reports and PhD thesis post-field reports. The reports will cover a wide range of topics that fit into the five focal areas of AERC’s thematic research programme:

  • Group A: Poverty, Labour Markets and Income Distribution
  • Group B: Macroeconomic Policy and Growth
  • Group C: Finance and Resource Mobilization
  • Group D: Production, Trade and Economic Integration
  • Group E: Agriculture, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management 

The Biannual attracts over 200 researchers, academics, policy makers and other economists who participate in the AERC Research and Training Programmes. The Biannual provides a forum for participants to meet within a worldwide network of professionals to address issues relevant for Africa’s economic development. They also provide an opportunity for monitoring the progress and quality of the various research projects sponsored by AERC.

About African Economic Research Consortium

Established in 1988, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) is a premier capacity building institution in the advancement of research and training to inform economic policies in sub-Saharan Africa. AERC’s mission rests on two premises: first, that development is more likely to occur where there is sustained sound management of the economy; second, that such management is more likely to happen where there is an active, well-informed cohort of locally-based professional economists to conduct policy-relevant research. AERC builds that cohort through a programme that has three primary components: research, training and policy outreach. The organization integrates high quality economic policy research, postgraduate training and policy outreach within a vast network of researchers, universities and policy makers across Africa and beyond. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @aercafrica.